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‘Purbachal Regent Town’ is an exclusive residential zone with all facility for all class of dwellers with own identity. It is located adjacent to the RAJUK Purbachal New Town. The Rajuk Purbachal New Town will be as similar in nature as to the Putrajawa of Malaysia, which is a planned city that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia- being Kuala-Lumpur as the national capital. The Rajuk Purbachal New Town will be one of the massive, modern & pre planed town in the South-east Asia that will serve as administrative capital of Bangladesh.

Due to the over-crowding and congestion in the Dhaka Capital, the govt. has plans to shift the Prime Minister office, Secretariat and many others govt. offices in Rajuk Purbachal New Town. This town will also including Diplomatic Zone, Word Bank, Asian Development Bank & many others International offices, including 3-d Theatre, Planetarium, Water world and most significantly the second campus of the Dhaka University & other recreational facilities. The residents of the Purbachal Regent Town will enjoy all the above mentioned facilities.

It should be noted that our Purbachal Regent Town will be 8 km i.e. takes about 10 minutes drive from the present American Embassy and 15 minutes drive from Zia International Airport.

Facilities for Citizen:

Being a Citizen of 21st century we will get the every facility in ‘Purbachal Regent Town’. International standard several Mosque, Bangla and English Medium Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, Modern Shopping Malls, Banks, Insurances, community Centers, Playground for recreations, Parks, Clubs, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Gymnasium, Convention Centre and Lake will in that residential zone. In spite of those there will be Filling Stations, Common Parking, Restaurants, Hotels, Trade Centers, Eid Gah and Grave Yard.

Infrastructural Facilities:

‘Purbachal Regent Town’ has assured every infrastructural facility of modern city life. Water, Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Post Office, Sewerage Line, and Fire Service, Police Station / Fari and every requirement will be fix as per Government Regulations through our company. After Communicating with the appropriate institution company will play every responsibility to fix those workings on time. It is noticed that for the above infrastructural facilities there has enough planned lands on the project.


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